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Large Capacity

Large Capacity with the RBD Plasma Filter

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Smart air control system produces negative


ion to purify air more pleasantly.


Dust, light and odor sensor for automatic


airflow adjustment.


Air Filtration
Filtration º Pre Filter º Ozone Removal Filter º HEPA™ Filter º RBD Plasma Filter º Washable Catalyst Filter º Activated Carbon Filter
Recommended Room size|KACA 538 sq.ft
Basic Feature|Fan Speed 5 levels
Special Feature º RBD Plasma Filter Technology º Air quality indicator º Auto mode º Energy Saving (Eco mode)
Fan Speed Operation|Airflow rate (CMM/CFM) 1.6 ~ 7.1 CMM
Fan Speed Operation|Noise Level (dBA) 20 ~ 50
Dimensions(W X D X H) 19 X 11 X 27 inch
Weight 26 lbs